How to pack light when traveling


Ever packed too much clothes when traveling? Find it hard to fit everything in your bag? This guide will teach you how to choose what to back and how to pack it.

Step 1. Pick out all garments that you want to bring.
Then put back half of it. Trust me, you won’t need them.

Step 2. Lay everything out on your bed.
Does the color match? Change garments which does not match at least two outfits.

Step 3. Pack efficiently.
Start by stuffing socks and underwear in your shoes to save space. Pack your shoes (heel to toe) at the edges of your suit case. Then pack your bulkier items, like knits and jackets. Continue with your pants.

Step 4. Fill out the gaps.
You can fit more items than you think in the gaps that are left after packing your clothes. Use the gaps to pack sunglasses (in a protective box of course) and other essentials.

What are your packing tips? Leave a comment below!